Grand Giza Travel & Tours is a premier, inbound tour operator based in the US, but with both owners living in Egypt.  As destination specialists, we take the responsibility of “local creative advisor” very seriously.  It is important to us that our guests feel warmly welcomed, connected to our people and culture, and enriched by our heritage and traditions.  Every guest chooses to visit Egypt for their own unique reasons. It is our job to uncover these reasons and learn all about the travelers’ styles, preferences, and personalities. We take that insight and infuse it with the depth of our local knowledge, the strength of our supplier network and Egypt’s own natural gifts so that truly spectacular and highly personal adventures can unfold.

Extraordinary Egypt Travel & Retreat Experiences



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Why Choose Grand Giza Travel & Tours?

Leverage Local

First-hand local knowledge

With owners that are local-at-heart and native to Egypt, we frequently are able to leverage our relationships. We have developed an extensive & exclusive Rolodex of experiences you won't find elsewhere.

In Detail

Details make the difference.

We prepare handcrafted, picture-filled, multi-page pdf documents branded with your agency’s logo and information. When uploaded to their phones, they are easy for them to have access while on the go.

Peace Of Mind

Relax...we got this!

Every day we email you a summary of how your clients are when they are with us, so you can rest assured that everything is going according to plan.


We are always 'ON'

Your clients get our toll-free US number for calling or texting us questions PLUS a private WhatsApp group with our team. We'll be in touch with your clients the whole time.

Secured Payments

All US based processing

Trusted US-based credit card processing for your peace of mind. And if you have a host agency, and prefer, we'll work with them to process all the monies.

Speed & Efficiency

Time is money to us all

Our quotes come in US or Canadian Dollars with a typical turn around of 48 to 72 hrs, depending if for a FIT or a group. Our commissions, if applicable, go out the Friday after your clients' travels.

Profit, Your Way

Take that to the bank

We make it easy for you! Uncapped commissions (net), or generous commissions direct from us, through your host agency, or direct with you. It's up to you!


Inspiration Gallery

Not sure where to send those last minute clients? Our gallery of destinations and experiences is sure to give you some ideas.

Sample Itineraries

Need ideas? Explore what a Grand Giza Travel & Tours’ custom-crafted tour package is like with these sample Egypt tour itineraries.

Agent Webinars

Leverage our local insights. Stay in the know on Egypt’s travel trends, lodging, and experiences. LAUNCHING 9/2023

Facebook Group

Join our very own private group, just for travel agents. Ask us your questions about any of Egypt’s destinations. LAUNCHING 9/2023


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