Journeys In Egypt:  It’s What We Do

Frustration and Time Consumption of Travel Research and Planning

Can we be REAL for a minute?

Let’s face it – ANYONE can hit the digital oracle known as ‘Google’ and spend COUNTLESS HOURS going down travel rabbit holes, trying to source unique experiences for their journeys in Egypt, suppliers, deals, deadlines, and more.

YOU COULD, if you had that kind of time. AND if you trusted the netsphere to think like you do.  I mean, come on, how many of us have been disappointed with restaurant or movie reviews?  (BOTH hands shooting up!)

AND, let’s remember that any other major life decision you’ve made: career, finance, health and legal – you’ve always sought advice from professionals.  This is how you had success in these areas.

So WHY would you waste countless hours, hours you don’t have, for internet advice you can’t trust, with such a big investment?  And I’m not just talking money.  There is a lot you are investing here….most importantly, your DREAM!

This kind of trip, the transformational trip you’ve longed for, DESERVES a professional, an insider, who will create a bespoke experience that will FEEL LIKE YOU.

In other words, you deserve someone who will fight for your dream, Mama-Bear’ing it to ensure nothing goes awry.

Enter Grand Giza Travel & Tours!

Peace of Mind: Professional Man Finds Joy in Travel Solutions

Our Services

All great journeys in Egypt begin with a finely-crafted plan. Whether you prefer to leave the details to us or you wish to work as partners on each and every moment, we’re happy to be as hands-on as you wish. Each trip is bespoke, uniquely REFLECTING YOU.

Relax, knowing that our industry relationships will ensure that you’re always treated with the VIP service you deserve. We also enjoy top-tier status with a vast network of preferred suppliers worldwide, many with special benefits.

Even better? We pass these benefits on to you, the traveler, many of which are EXCLUSIVE and not available through any other venue.

  • At Your Service With

    • Destination research
    • Lodging selections & bookings
    • Restaurant selections & bookings
    • Excursion selections & bookings
    • Transportation selections & bookings
    • Itinerary creation & delivery
    • Like a Mama Bear, ensuring an effortless holiday
    • Complimentary photographer, upon request
    • Unlimited wifi wireless router on 7 day+ packages w/deposit
    • Our exclusive #ItsTheLittleThings Program
    • 24/7 access to our Red Carpet Service (“Magic” Red Carpet, of course 🙂 )

Captivating Reflections: Young Woman Immersed in Temple's Magic
Silhouette of Camel and Arabic Man Against Setting Sun
Elegant Bedouin Cushion Seating in Front of Bedouin Tents

It’s Time. Time For You To Journey In Egypt.

Our Process? Its Personal

Its all about YOU!

First Step to Unforgettable Journeys: Joyful Communication

Let’s Chat!

I like to get to know my clients before I start planning any journeys in Egypt, as personalizing the experience is key to what I provide.

In our call, we’ll deep dive into your travel likes and dislikes, explore past trips that have inspired you or left you disappointed, and go over important details like your budget, timing, and who you’ll be traveling with.

You’ll get an opportunity to get all your questions answered on this call as well. If you feel like we’d be a good fit, I’ll share my planning fee with you—which is based on your trip’s length and complexity—before we move forward.

The Custom Crafting Begins

Based on what I learn from our call, I’ll start researching all the possibilities for your journey in Egypt—this includes reaching out to my exclusive travel partners about dates and availability.

You’ll receive at least two custom itinerary options that fit within your budget. Then, we’ll work together to tweak your itinerary until you’re simply itching to escape.

Expert Planning in Motion: Step 2 of Seamless Journey
Detailed Plan Review with Personal Touch

Book & Mama Bear Your Holiday

Leave all the details to me—once you sign off on your itinerary, I’ll book every last travel component for you. This includes:

—Flights * with trip package
—Hotel, villa, cruise cabin, and/or resort reservations
—Private transportation or car rental
—Small-group or private tours
—Dining reservations
—Tee times at exclusive golf courses
—Museum and/or event tickets

In addition, I also keep track of all the moving parts of your reservations, like when your deposits are due and important travel documents you must complete. I sweat all the deets so you don’t have to! Let me get the grey hairs – your stylist will thank me!

Make Your Adventure Effortless

When you set off on your journey in Egypt, you’ll be able to travel with peace of mind and ease. Firstly, you’ll receive all your travel documents and itinerary via email, for access on the go in addition to formal documents prior to your trip.

Of course, you’ll have access to me as well. I will be Mama Bear-ing all the details for you at all times.  Simply reach out if you encounter any travel “bumps” and I’ll work behind the scenes to smooth them over for you.

Moreover, when you return home, I’ll connect to see how your trip went—and make note of the experiences you especially enjoyed so we can craft them into your next adventure!

Final Step: Embarking on a Journey of Peace of Mind

Our Services & Fees

Please note: with our journeys in Egypt, we partner with hotels that run anywhere from $200-$400+ per night per room. This means we generally work with budgets of $500 per day and up for full itinerary planning.  Most importantly, please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more details.


  • $100 per trip. This covers up to 5 hotels in one location.
  • $50 late booking fee for all hotels requested within 7 days prior to departure.

Changes and cancellations: We understand that your plans can change, however due to the work that is put upfront to secure reservations and VIP notice prior to your journey in Egypt, we reserve the right to charge a $50 fee per change or cancellation. Change and Cancellation penalty is waived on the first three occurrences annually.


  • $150 concierge fee per week of travel to be added to any of the above for all additional details such as dining reservations, spa appointments, tee times, theater tickets, etc.
  • This fee does not apply to retreats which are priced separately and are based upon several factors, including the complexity of the retreat and number of persons.

This fee is completely optional – if clients prefer to explore/make their own reservations for restaurants, theater tickets, and other optional components, it is not charged.

Our Trip Planning Fees cover the logistics of the trip, and includes land arrangements including hotels, trains, transfers, and scheduled activities. We are also happy to assist with simple restaurant reservations on-site at a resort or hotel where you are staying for no additional fee. In addition, for our concierge services, such as local restaurant reservations, extensive scheduling and suggestions of self-guided activities during your leisure time, theater tickets, and other concierge services such as setting up a special event, our rates begin at $150 per week of travel.


The best journeys in Egypt are seamless, where all pieces and parts smoothly flow together without any confusion. Because of this, we prefer to work on trips holistically, and not just assist with small “a la carte” pieces (such as a rental car or airport transfer only). From experience, we have learned that in planning the Custom Trip as a whole, we are able to step in if there are any issues, and ensure the experience is exceptional. This policy also enables us to focus and devote our attention to creating and perfecting your trip of a lifetime!

However, there are circumstances in which clients have already booked their accommodations but may need assistance with other components such as tours, restaurant and spa reservations, and other activities. Please inquire directly as we accept these on a case by case basis, and implement an activity management fee based on what is needed


  • Starts at $400 for full trip planning, up to 7 days, for one household of four.
    • An additional $50/person/week thereafter.
    • Proposal is for two overall trip proposals.
    • Additional proposals for different Egyptian destinations will be charged an additional planning fee of $200 per proposal.
    • Villa bookings will be charged an additional fee of $300 to cover the additional time and resources required to navigate the challenges of vetting a luxury villa.

    Last minute booking fee of 50% for trip requests within 30 days of travel or 90 days of holiday travel.

    Our trip planning fee covers initial consultation and discussion of your trip dreams and expectations, time spent researching, developing, and revising a proposal to create the perfect customized itinerary, booking and managing all components, and support while traveling.

    Please note: because it covers the initial consultation, research, and time spent on the proposal, this fee is non-refundable and will be charged regardless of whether a client books a trip with us. However, when a client books a journey in Egypt with us, this fee also covers management, booking, and travel support during the trip.


Grand Giza Travel & Tours does not directly book or issue flights to/from your destination unless traveling in business class or above and as part of a full trip package). In the ever changing world of air-travel it is simply not our area of expertise. However, we do provide flight suggestions and will you advise you on the best way to get to the region.

AIR TICKETING FEES (booked in conjunction with a trip)

    • $25 per person – Domestic Egypt flights
    • $100 per person – International flights
    • $200 per person for award ticket with airline alliances (charged prior to air research and is non-refundable)


Requests for journeys to Egypt between December 20 and January 4 are considered ‘festive bookings’ and may incur a project initiation fee.

  • For requests received between Jan 1 and July 1, the fee is $100 for new clients.
  • For requests received after July 1, the fee is $200.

If the requested hotels have posted their own festive booking policies, which may include black out days for check-in/out or minimum stay requirements, an additional $150 will be added to our booking fee to cover the additional time and resources required to navigate the challenges of making a reservation during this season.

It’s Time. Time For You.

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