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Creating unforgettable retreat experiences in Egypt that your guests will remember and be impacted from for a lifetime.

Full-service planning for yogis, spiritual leaders, business coaches and organizations/groups for retreats in Egypt.

Retreat Planning Made Easy: Woman Contemplating Details at Laptop

YOU’RE EXCITED!  You’re ready to host a retreat, hug your tribe in person, and transform their lives with the power of being surrounded by like minded peeps in an exotic location. You’ve been dreaming about this for like, FOREVER, and you FINALLY feel ready to do it!

Yet now you are just beginning to realize HOW MUCH WORK it really takes to do it right, let alone still trying to run your business!  Hello?

Between choosing a location, creating menus of foods and activities that inspire, coordinating all the guests and travel from point A to point B, and most importantly— crafting a memorable retreat experience that they will rave about to their friends, WOW!  I get it.  It can totally leave one’s HEAD SPINNING!

And let me tell you, those are only the BIG things!

Transformational Retreats: There’s Much To Consider

You still have ALL THE TINY DETAILS to decide upon and arrange like swag bags, decor, the timeline, co-presenters or not, let alone your own content you want to teach!  Providing a transformational experience is an absolute must, but  your to-do list is just growing by leaps and bounds, yet the time you have available for it is not. Now you are worried things with the retreat or your business, or BOTH, are FALLING THROUGH THE CRACKS!

Then on top of that, throw in the unpredictability of COVID!  You got to where you are by being a warrior in your business, DIYing a lot of things, but this isn’t panning out to be one of them.

Transformational Retreats:  Leverage Your Time & Get A Pro

You need a PRO who knows how to craft your retreat so it is PROFITABLE to you, how to make LASTING IMPRESSIONS and CHANGE in your guests that makes them SO EXCITED that they sign up for your next retreat before they even pack their bags!

You need a PRO who gets all the To Dos you have thought of done, and most importantly – knows to get done all the details you HAVE NOT THOUGHT OF yet!  One who can surprise and delight your guests beyond their and your wildest expectations!


Worry-Free Transformational Retreats

From the moment your guests walk off the plane to when they board again to go home, I will HANDLE ALL THE FUSS & DETAILS so that you can completely focus on what you do best!  I call it Mama Bear’ing – being like a Mama Bear protecting you and your guest experience all the way.  I want you to have the PEACE OF MIND, and FREEDOM that comes with it. My mission is for you to be able  to focus on being the Host/Hostess With The Most-est vs your guests seeing you run around like a chicken with its head off, harried, stressed, and not setting the stage you want for them.

Your only FOCUS should be on DOING YOUR MAGIC that made your business what it is, and more importantly, made 10 or more people travel halfway around the world to spend time with you!  Not everything else.

When you are FULLY PRESENT, giving your tribe all your heart and soul, then that’s when they walk away beyond grateful for this experience you created. THIS is what THEY WILL REMEMBER, and will talk about for YEARS to come!

Retreat Bliss: Woman Finds Serenity in Pool of Relaxation
Embrace Spiritual Connection: Boho Retreat Bliss in Egypt

Your Retreat: Our Mission

I want your guests to be absolutely blown away by a remarkable experience so they come back again and again to soak up your magic.

I’ve been planning events for over 5 years now.  I’ve also been trained in profitable retreat planning, project management and the delivery of overwhelming client service surprises by the likes of Nordstrom and Disney! Basically, I know how to make these things happen and make an event flow effortlessly. I have the insider knowledge of Egypt, and of what works for retreats and what doesn’t, so when you bring all your FANTABULOUS ideas to the table, we will plan accordingly.

United in Transformation: Bonding and Growth at Our Retreats
  • At Your Service With

    • Researching the best destination
    • A custom designed compelling landing page to promo your retreat – your site
    • Your Profitable Retreat consultation – ensuring you make a profit
    • Transformational excursion selections & bookings
    • All travel & location sourcing & management
    • Guest management
    • Itinerary creation & delivery
    • Like a Mama Bear, ensuring an effortless retreat
    • On-site concierge for you and your guests
    • Setup/tear down crew
    • Complimentary photographer
    • Our exclusive #ItsTheLittleThings Program
    • 24/7 access to our Red Carpet Service (“Magic” Red Carpet, of course 🙂 )

Captivating Reflections: Young Woman Immersed in Temple's Magic
Silhouette of Camel and Arabic Man Against Setting Sun
Elegant Bedouin Cushion Seating in Front of Bedouin Tents

It’s Time. Time For You To Make Magic In Egypt.

How We Work

Its all about THE EXPERIENCE you want guests to leave with!

Join hands and unlock the transformative power of our retreats. Through shared experiences and genuine connections, we create a supportive community that nurtures personal growth, empowerment, and lasting memories. Together, we transcend boundaries and embrace transformation.

It all starts with a call

It is important that I not only get to know my clients before I start planning, but also to understand the guest they serve and the experience they want for them.  Personalizing your guests’ retreat transformation, confirming your teaching through their experiences is key to what I provide.

On our call we’ll deep dive into your ‘why’ you are doing this retreat, explore past retreats and events that have inspired you or left you disappointed, and go over important details like your budget, timing, who you’ll be serving, and the transformation you want to achieve for them.

You’ll get an opportunity to get all your questions answered on this call as well. If you feel like we’d be a good fit, I’ll share my fees with you—which are based on your retreat’s length and complexity—before we move forward. When we decide to move forward, we will set up a meeting virtually or in-person to discuss all the details for your retreat. From there, we can create a customized action plan for our team and your team to ensure everything gets done.

The Bespoke Retreat Crafting Begins

Based on our call and what I learn from our consultation, I’ll start researching all the possibilities for your retreat—this includes reaching out to my exclusive partners about dates, availability, and custom experience options.

You’ll receive at least two custom retreat itinerary options that fit within your budget. Then, we’ll work together to tweak it until it becomes the dream experience for you and your guests.

Step 2: Designing Your Dream Retreat - Bringing Ideas to Life
Step 3: Seamlessly Executing Your Retreat - From Plan to Reality

Book & Mama Bear Your Retreat

Leave all the details to me—once you sign off on your retreat, I’ll book every last component for you. This includes:

—Flights * with trip package
—Hotel, villa, cruise cabin, and/or resort reservations
—Private transportation or car rental
—Small-group or private tours
—Dining reservations or personal group chef experiences
—Immersive experiences that will confirm your teaching
—Site excursions

I also keep track of all the moving parts of your retreat, like when all deposits are due and important travel documents all must complete. I sweat all the deets so you don’t have to! Let me get the grey hairs – your stylist will thank me!

Make Your Retreat Effortless

When we create your retreat, you’ll be able to focus on what you do best, leaving all the nitty gritty details to me.  Marketing plans, sponsorships if being used, vendors, guest management, and all the tiny details in between to make your retreat seamless are off your plate and in my experienced hands.

I will be Mama Bear-ing all the details for you at all times, even on-site with you if needed as your right hand!

When you return home, I’ll connect to see how your retreat went—and make note of the experiences you especially enjoyed so we can craft them into your next adventure!

Step 4: Transformation and Raving Fans - Creating Lifelong Memories

Our Services & Fees

Please note: Packages are all custom crafted and thus custom quoted and can be made with lodging ranging between 3 – 5 stars, depending upon preference and availability.  Please review our Retreat Terms & Conditions.

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