It’s time.  Time for YOU.

It’s your time to CHOOSE YOU for a change.  Time to LIVE THE INSPIRED LIFE, exploring the places you’ve longed to see.  Time to MAKE A DIFFERENCE for you…AND the cultures you experience. Time to immerse yourself in the EXTRAORDINARY.  Time to experience AUTHENTICITY, off-the-well-beaten path.

It’s time for YOU!  It’s time to journey to Egypt with

Extraordinary Group Travel & Retreat Experiences In Egypt

Hello (Ahlan),

I’m Kimberly Roberts | Founder of Grand Giza Travel & Tours

If today you went to my elementary school library, and looked at all the books about Egypt, you would see my name repeated on the checkout cards.  Egypt has been whispering to my soul my whole life.  But honestly, this small town, Indiana farm girl, NEVER believed visiting Egypt was in the cards for me, much less LIVING here!

Why Choose Grand Giza Travel & Tours?

LOCAL: A passionate expat American, I have lived here for years deep-diving into its rich culture. Egypt is my soul’s home!

ACCESS: We have developed an extensive & exclusive Rolodex of experiences you won’t find elsewhere.

COMMITTED TO YOU: NO kickbacks, no under-the-table side deals. We are committed to you vs suppliers.

SUSTAINABILITY FOCUSED: This is our home. We are committed to suppliers that are sustainability-focused on environment and culture.

COMPLIMENTARY PRO PHOTOG: This is a trip of a lifetime and deserves Gram-worthy pics so you’ll have a pro travel with you upon request.

DETAILS: A national project manager turned entrepreneur/writer, details and process are my first success language.

EXCELLENCE: The service excellence of great brands like Nordstrom, Disney and more, are what I have studied my entire career. I love to surprise our guests with the little unexpected delights!

TRUSTED NETWORK: We are backed by one of the best and largest professional travel networks, Travel Quest Network, a member of Travel Leaders. The names speak for themselves! We got the best to support us and offer the BEST to our guests!

#ITSTHELITTLETHINGS: We provide all our guests our signature program of delighting with continual service surprises for the whole trip & beyond!


To help you make your own decision about when and where to start traveling again, we’ve curated the most important COVID-19 travel information into one reliable resource called Book with Confidence.

Available to you at no extra cost, Book with Confidence has two major benefits:

  • The Vacation Health and Safety Guide: 57 pages of tips and resources about every step of a trip and how to minimize the risks. 
  • The Vacation Health and Safety Checklist: A customized list documenting all the health and safety protocols you will experience along your personal journey. 

When you are ready to travel, we know many places that are safely welcoming guests now. Contact us at any time for more information. 

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It’s Time.  Time For You.