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‘Can’t Fight This Feeling’

REO Speedwagon’s song is a PERFECT description about how Grand Giza Travel & Tours all started.  When an avid, seasoned world traveling project manager with a love for all things Egypt, meets up with a handsome local businessman with a penchant for world-class service…grand things are bound to happen!

What started out as friendship..‘ turned into sooo much more!  Together this husband and wife US expat and local Egyptian team have 50+ years in managing all the details that make for grand experiences!

Why Choose Grand Giza Travel & Tours?

LOCAL: A passionate expat American, I have lived here for years deep-diving into its rich culture. Egypt is my soul’s home!

ACCESS: We have developed an extensive & exclusive Rolodex of experiences you won’t find elsewhere.

COMMITTED TO YOU: NO kickbacks, no under-the-table side deals. We are committed to you vs suppliers.

SUSTAINABILITY FOCUSED: This is our home. We are committed to suppliers that are sustainability-focused on environment and culture.

COMPLIMENTARY PRO PHOTOG: This is a trip of a lifetime and deserves Gram-worthy pics so you’ll have a pro travel with you upon request.

PROTECTED BAGS: For all custom packages, we provide FREE Luggage tracking service with SATISFACTION GUARANTEED PAYMENT of $1000 if not recovered.

EXCELLENCE: The service excellence of great brands like Nordstrom, Disney and more, are what I have studied my entire career. I love to surprise our guests with the little unexpected delights!

#ITSTHELITTLETHINGS: We provide all our guests our signature program of delighting with continual service surprises for the whole trip & beyond!

FREE UNLIMITED WIFI: We provide all 7 day + packages with a free, go-anywhere wireless modem with security deposit. Keep the Instagrammies going all over Egypt on us!


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Custom Crafted Egypt Travel & Retreat Experiences | Exclusive Access

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It’s Time.  Time For You.

Featured Exclusive ‘Done-For-You’ Egypt Tour Packages

Saqqara Unveiled – An Immersive Journey into Ancient Egypt’s Enigmatic Necropolis

Delve into the mysteries of Saqqara, unravel the ancient hieroglyphs, and uncover the secrets of the pharaohs in this immersive tour that celebrates the wonders of ancient Egypt.

The Cleopatra – A Blissful Cairo Day Retreat for Women

Join us on this empowering escape to Cairo, where you’ll discover the transformative power of self-care, cultural immersion, and the rejuvenating tradition of the hammam spa.  Awaken your senses, nourish your soul,on this remarkable adventure for women.

Coastal Elegance: A Luxurious 2-Day Retreat on Egypt’s North Coast

Indulge in a glamorous high-end escape along the stunning North Coast of Egypt, where luxury and relaxation meet the azure waters of the  Mediterranean Sea.  Elevate your senses and bask in the lap of luxury with this exclusive 2-day getaway.

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