It’s time.  Time for YOU.

It’s your time to CHOOSE YOU for a change.  Time to LIVE THE INSPIRED LIFE, exploring the places you’ve longed to see.  Time to MAKE A DIFFERENCE for you…AND the cultures you experience. Time to immerse yourself in the EXTRAORDINARY.  Time to experience AUTHENTICITY, off-the-well-beaten path.

It’s time for YOU!  It’s time to journey to Egypt with

Extraordinary Travel & Retreat Experiences In Egypt

Hello (Ahlan),

‘Can’t Fight This Feeling’

REO Speedwagon’s song is a PERFECT description about how Grand Giza Travel & Tours all started.  When an avid, seasoned world traveling project manager with a love for all things Egypt, meets up with a handsome local businessman with a penchant for world-class service…grand things are bound to happen!

What started out as friendship..‘ turned into sooo much more!  Together this husband and wife US expat and local Egyptian team have 50+ years in managing all the details that make for grand experiences!

Why Choose Grand Giza Travel & Tours?

LOCAL: A passionate expat American, I have lived here for years deep-diving into its rich culture. Egypt is my soul’s home!

ACCESS: We have developed an extensive & exclusive Rolodex of experiences you won’t find elsewhere.

COMMITTED TO YOU: NO kickbacks, no under-the-table side deals. We are committed to you vs suppliers.

SUSTAINABILITY FOCUSED: This is our home. We are committed to suppliers that are sustainability-focused on environment and culture.

COMPLIMENTARY PRO PHOTOG: This is a trip of a lifetime and deserves Gram-worthy pics so you’ll have a pro travel with you upon request.

DETAILS: A national project manager turned entrepreneur/writer, details and process are my first success language.

EXCELLENCE: The service excellence of great brands like Nordstrom, Disney and more, are what I have studied my entire career. I love to surprise our guests with the little unexpected delights!

#ITSTHELITTLETHINGS: We provide all our guests our signature program of delighting with continual service surprises for the whole trip & beyond!

FREE UNLIMITED WIFI: We provide all 7 day + packages with a free, go-anywhere wireless modem with security deposit. Keep the Instagrammies going all over Egypt on us!

It’s Time.  Time For You.

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It’s Time.  Time For You.