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About Grand Giza Travel & Tours

In 2021, in the midst of a global pandemic, Grand Giza Travel & Tours was founded.  If after long bouts of lockdowns, humanity has learned anything, it is that we have a NEED to CONNECT, to EXPLORE, to MAKE A DIFFERENCE, to just BE our truest selves.  The global pandemic made us trade out our Bucket Lists for our Must Do Lists.

Our mission is to craft unique opportunities for you, your family, and organizations or groups to RETURN to what the ancients called, ‘the Mother of the world…EGYPT.  You’ve ALWAYS wanted to come here.  Life, as we have learned, is far too short not to go after your heart’s desires!  Listen to the whispers of your soul, and leave the details to us.

Inspiring Experiences: Trade Bucket Lists for Must-Do Adventures
Hello (Ahlan),

I’m Kimberly Roberts | Founder Of Grand Giza Travel & Tours

If today you went to my elementary school library, and looked at all the books about Egypt, you would see my name repeated on the checkout cards.  Egypt has been whispering to my soul my whole life.  But honestly, this small town, Indiana farm girl, NEVER believed visiting Egypt was in the cards for me, much less LIVING here!

When I came here, like you, as a tourist, I ached to get back.  This decade-long world traveler cancelled all future travel plans, quickly returned, and unpacked my bags…for good!

And its been magical ever since! Why Egypt?

To be sure, Egypt is resplendent with unparalleled treasures, but its GREATEST treasures to me are in her people!  You will arrive as a tourist, but when you must leave, you leave as a beloved family member that we await to see again. No other community in the world have I EVER felt this kind of inclusion to all!  Its NOT a tourist-thing; its a way of life for all Egyptians.

I have a deep love for the soul, the life, of this place and its people and I can’t wait to share with you what I have discovered here!

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Sitting in a coppersmith's shop at Khan Al Khalili market
President and Egyptian man standing before intricate Arabic accented wall
Hello (Ahlan),

I’m Walid Abu Shahad| President Of Grand Giza Travel & Tours

Growing up in the Bedouin-influenced cultures of southern Egypt, HOSPITALITY is part of my DNA.  It is a century-old tradition that a traveler coming into a Bedouin camp is invited in to stay for a minimum of three days with the family and served as a king or queen.  This is how I was raised.  So it was only natural that with a love for business since the age of 10, a career in hospitality was always in the cards.

Egypt has so much to offer to all…from the ancient sites, to the modern amenities.   Traveling with Grand Giza Travel & Tours, you can count on seeing the bucket list sites, but with fuller, more IMMERSIVE, AUTHENTIC, and EXCLUSIVE experiences.

Together, with Kimberly, I look forward to sharing with you our beloved Egypt soon.  As we say here, ‘Fadal, fadal!’ (Welcome, welcome!)  

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Why Choose Grand Giza Travel & Tours?

LOCAL: A passionate expat American, I have lived here for years deep-diving into its rich culture.

ACCESS: We have developed an extensive & exclusive Rolodex of experiences you won't find elsewhere.

COMMITTED TO YOU: NO kickbacks, no under-the-table side deals. We are committed to you vs suppliers.

SUSTAINABILITY FOCUSED: This is our home. We are committed to suppliers that are sustainability-focused on environment and culture.

COMPLIMENTARY PRO PHOTOG: This is a trip of your lifetime and deserves Gram-worthy photos. We provide complimentary pro photographer to accompany you upon request.

PROTECTED LUGGAGE: For all custom tour packages, we provide FREE Blue Ribbon Bags' Luggage tracking service with SATISFACTION GUARANTEED PAYMENT of $1000 if not recovered.

EXCELLENCE: The service excellence of great brands like Nordstrom, Disney and more, are what I have studied my entire career. I love to surprise our guests with the little unexpected delights!

UNLIMITED WIFI: We provide FREE wireless router modems with unlimited wifi for all 7-day+ packages w/deposit. Keep the Instagrammies goin' all over Egypt on us!

#ITSTHELITTLETHINGS: We provide all our guests our signature program of delighting with continual service surprises for the whole trip & beyond!

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