Inspirational Travel Ideas For Egypt

Make it special.  Make it yours.

You’ve waited a LONG time to make this journey here.  Now is the time to experience all you ever dreamed of first-hand.

From all corners of Egypt, there is something here for everyone to discover.  New discoveries are literally being made here every day! Inspirational travel ideas for Egypt abound!

But the REAL QUESTION is…what will YOU discover here?

The American poet, James Russell Lowell said “A wise man travels to discover himself.

Let your exploration begin!

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It’s Time.  Time For You.

Map of Egypt's Major Tourist Locations on Papyrus Background

Discover Treasures In These Destinations

Explore the highlights for Egypt’s most popular destinations here, with a simple hover.

  • Cairo | Giza | Saqarra | Memphis Area

    Where the modern Egypt meets its past.

  • Alexandria

    Mark Anthony and Cleopatra's home is today a vibrant cosmopolitan.

  • Siwa

    In the heart of the western desert, this oasis is most known for its salt lake.

  • Luxor | Aswan | Abu Simbel Region

    Home to the Valley of the Kings and Queens.

  • Hurghada

    A diver's paradise with fun for the whole group.

  • South Sinai (Sharm El Sheikh & Dahab) Area

    From the resort area of Sharm, to the laid back vibes of Dahab, the South Sinai has it all.

It’s Time.  Time For You.

Turn Your Aha Moment To A Real Aww Moment

Find inspiration for your authentic Egypt experience with just a few ideas from our bevvy of inspirational travel ideas.  These are just to get your juices flowing about the special moments we will craft for you and yours.

Spiritual & Yoga Retreats

Picture yourself meeting with experts on the teachings of the ancient Egyptians, learning about their understandings of the universe/source energy. Imagine a midnight yoga session under the stars in the Sahara, the pyramids as your backdrop. Learn from the Bedouins, how the herbs, oils, and crystals of the ancient ways are still being used today to enhance spiritual connections. Coming to Egypt is certainly magical on its own rights, but there is a transformation waiting for you here in many immersive experiences!

Family Holidays

Your family has learned through this pandemic that there is no time like the present, and to make the most of every moment together. You've also learned that learning does not stop at the walls of your child's school. Egypt offers an authentic experience for the young and old. Whether your family seeks the respite of resort beachside living, or literally touching the history they have only known from schoolbooks, your family’s holiday will be one of immersion into something different, something that will leave an impression far beyond these borders.

Organizational & Group Experiences

Your group needs to own what is possible when a group gets together with one mission in mind. There is no greater proof of this in the world than witnessing the timeless power of the pyramids. With so many activities, with so many transformational sights to immerse oneself in, there is no better location for you and your group. Be it professional certification trips, or a company adventure, we have got you covered!

Luxury Leisure Experiences

It’s your time! You want to take in all that you can while you are here. Let us help you craft a story of the ages with experiences that are off-the-well-beaten path. Travel beyond the ordinary adventures of Egypt, with exclusive, private access to the places only the locals go. Or kick up your feet in laid back luxury in one of our many gorgeous respites of beachside resorts.

Multi-generational Holidays

It’s true our families are much more far-flung than they were in years past. What better way to enjoy quality time with all in your family, than an immersive holiday together! We make it so all can enjoy time together, but also enjoy their own experiences that tickle their individual fancies. We take all the planning and organizing, so you don’t have to! You rally your troops, and we will manage all the details for you while you relax now, and throughout your family’s journey. Let us help you create some once-in-a-lifetime memories for you and ALL your family as one!

Extraordinary Adventures

The world’s diving community is like a fraternity or sorority, a close-knit group of adventurers, no matter what flag they call home. And it is here, that this community of divers, knows all too well of its reputation for extraordinary dive experiences. Untouched corals, vibrant colorful fauna and fish, exhilarating sights of larger species like whales, dolphins, sharks and more, not to mention the countless wrecks that dot our coastlines. In addition, we have world famous sites like our Blue Hole dive location, underwater museums, and the underwater archaeological coast of Alexandria - rich with relics of a city once far more glorious. Let us get you into the dives of your dreams!

Mind-Expanding Experiences

For those who want to deep dive into the authentic Egypt, we have lots of unique and exclusive opportunities to choose from. From rolling up your sleeves to join in helping a local non-government organization of a cause that is dear to your heart, to exploring the mysteries of the ancient Egyptians, we have a little bit of something for everyone. Think nights in the Sahara, under a deep velvet sky peppered with the brightest of stars, a telescope and you! Or an expedition with a Bedouin tribe, learning the mysteries the Sahara offers, the homeopathic healing passed down over generations, and the ways of old. Let us know what has been calling to your soul, and we will make it happen.

Culinary Experiences

For the foodie adventurer, romantic, or culinary curious, Egypt offers many opportunities to explore through food. Imagine shopping the bustling spice and food markets with a chef from the Egyptian Chef Association, then preparing a splendid meal with them. Or perhaps imagine being an honored guest of an authentic local Egyptian family, as they roll their sleeves up and the 'mashi' leaves out for the family meal you'll join them in. Or perhaps a romantic day of touring Egypt's wineries with a chef, before leaving for a private candlelit dinner prepared for you in the Sahara overlooking the pyramids at sunset is more to your liking. These are but a few delish experiences Egypt serves up to foodies that crave unique and authentic experiences.

Artisan Experiences

Your love for art and culture will be satiated with experiences we can craft for you! Imagine taking home treasures you helped create with artisans whose tradition of handicrafts has been passed on generation after generation. For you, maybe it is handmade shoes, or leather bags. For your home, there are countless opportunities. Imagine sitting down with a coppersmith, learning how to hammer a beautiful design on your copper tray set you take home with you. You could sit down with pottery artisans to paint your own ceramics to adorn your table. Picture yourself maybe designing the perfect gold ring for the one you love with the goldsmith of Egypt’s oldest market. To be sure, there are countless treasures, and immersive experiences, here to be discovered for you and all on your gift list!

Step 4: Transformation and Raving Fans - Creating Lifelong Memories In Egypt


Retreats are a wonderful way to gather your special 'tribe' together in a special location to focus in on transformations. Retreats are perfect for companies, coaches, authors, yogis, spiritual leaders, women's groups, and more! Let our certified Retreat Specialist help you craft something magical for you and your! See our Service/Retreats page for more info.


If creating your custom tour for Egypt is not something you’re looking for, but instead you want more of a “Done-For-You’ experience, we have several to choose from.

It’s Time.  Time For You.

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